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Mindfulness skills and approaches

Would you like to lean how to live a fuller life, with less stress, less reactivity, and more peace?  Adopting mindfulness practices into your everyday life can get you there. You can lean 5 Mindfulness Practices for a better life  here. 

If you would like to get a little deeper,  offer a number of workshops throughout the year  and specialize in Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy. 

We also work with organizations who are looking for long-term results to reduce employee burnout, attrition, and improve job satisfaction. 



Have you tried to meditate before but found it hard to "clear your mind"?  The truth is that everyone can learn how to meditate and everyone can benefit from this practice that is several thoughts years old. But how?

Our Meditation 101 and Mind and Body Wellness workshops are workshops are offered regularly. Check back here and our Facebook page often for new workshop announcements. 


Yoga for mental health and wellness

New and exciting news to come in the Spring of 2019! Stay tuned!

Upcoming Workshops

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