Trauma Treatment

Adverse experiences like physical or psychological abuse, sexual trauma, or combat-related events can have profound effects on mental and physical health. Though when we think of "traumatizing events" we typically think of life-threatening events, like being in combat or a serious car accident, trauma can manifest after many kinds of adverse events, including physical or sexual violence. 

After going through a traumatizing event, it is common to seek isolation, experience depression and anxiety, increase the use of alcohol or other drugs to numb the pain, to feel restlessness or even angry, to have nightmares or flashbacks, and be in a constant state of tension. A traumatic event can turn our world upside down and make us feel vulnerable and scared.

Treatment for these symptoms through psychotherapy include a variety of strategies, but what happens when "taking about " is just too painful? How do you talk about something that you are just trying to forget? At Thrivemind, we adopt a holistic approach to helping our clients process their emotions and memories and health from trauma. We use techniques to calm the physiological and emotional reactions that make it hard to live with those difficult memories, like heart racing, knot in the throat, shaking, and emotional shutdown. Our mind and body approach will make processing the traumatic event more tolerable, and will help to decrease symptoms so you can restore a calmer state.

Everyone is different, and so is their healing process, but you do not have to deal with it alone. Our well-trained team is here to help.