Life Transitions

Life can be a beautiful gift that sometimes gets super hard! The loss of a job, the end or the beginning of a relationship, divorce, career changes, moving to a new town, and entering adulthood are just some examples of life transitions that can be difficult. 

For adults transitioning to college, the future can feel overwhelming and "adulting" can prove to be a challenge.

 For LGBTQ people coming out to friends and family or those questioning their sexual or gender preference, feelings of loneliness or fear of rejection can lead to a downward spiral of negative feelings or even depression.  Even for those who have a strong familial and social support, some transitions can be difficult and talking to a therapist can help you figure out how to navigate and thrive in the face of adversities. 

Are you feeling alone or  stuck? We can help. Not sure if therapy is the right approach for what you are going through? You are not alone! Many people are not quite ready to commit to therapy. Just schedule a free 15 minute consultation with one of our therapists and you can decode together is therapy is the way to go. To schedule, call us at 910-939-0836.

Military Lifestyle

Military lifestyle comes with very unique challenges. Moving often gets in the way of developing deeper connections and roots, which can make it difficult to make and keep friends. Long hours and frequent TADs and trainings can leave family members feeling isolated and dealing with the stress of managing the household alone. Deployments can be very hard to get through, no matter if you are a new or seasoned spouse or family member. For the Active Duty member new to a duty station, acclimating to a new command and living hundred of miles away from home can prove to be difficult as well. 

Through our Military community is kind and supportive, it can be hard to make friends and know who to trust. All of the therapists at Thrivemind are part of the military community in some way: we are spouses, children of retired Service members, and have extensive experience and training working with the Military community. Our training and expertise set us apart, but our shared experiences allow us to relate to you in a very genuine way. 

We are very proud to support our Military families and are honored to be able to help you navigate the unique challenges of the Military lifestyle. 

Military, PCS, moving

Military, PCS, moving